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Ken Walsh has thirty four years experience assessing and treating individuals with mental health difficulties. He was one of the first mental health professionals trained in Cognitive behavioural therapy, cbt and subsequently accredited with the BABCP in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His experience enables him to confidently treat most conditions from mild to moderate through to severe personality difficulties. He has been running a private practice for nearly ten years.


Cognitive behavioural therapy, cbt in Belfast has become increasingly popular over the last number of years, due to the fact that it is cost effective. Generally speaking, for mild to moderate illness usually six to ten sessions will suffice. For more chronic conditions such as anxiety and depression which may have been going on for years or are recurrent, an advanced form of cognitive behavioural therapy  called   Schema focused cognitive behavioural therapy   is the treatment of choice.


Cognitive behavioural therapy  has been extensively researched and has been shown to be effective across a wide spectrum of disorders. The collaborative nature of cbt has also made it popular as the therapist and client work closely together to improve the clients mental health, teaching the client to become their own therapist.


Cognitive behavioural therapy, works on the premise that it is our negative irrational thinking about ourselves, about  other people and about events which happen to us in our lives which creates low moods, anxiety or other overwhelming emotions. As a consequence of these emotions it will cause us to behave in a way which usually makes our emotions worse.


Cognitive behavioural therapy, involves helping clients to change these negative beliefs and behaviours to bring about a lasting, permanent change in their moods, be it anxiety, depression or anger.


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       Cbt Explained - Watch Video

David Clark, Professor of Psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, Director of the centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma, Maudsley Hospital.


Professor Clark explains how Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, works and how it can be effective in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

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