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Frequently asked questions


How do I make an appointment ?


There is no need for a Doctors letter, anyone can contact me and refer themselves.    You can contact me by email, landline,  mobile phone or by text message to my mobile.



How many sessions would it take ?


Generally speaking, for the majority of clients  up to six weekly sessions will deal with most problems. If it is a more chronic, entrenched condition then I will tell you how many sessions would be required as it may require longer term therapy.



What would I expect from my first session ?


The first session  is usually an assessment session, although, if there is time I will try to cover a treatment technique. I will use psychometric testing to assess if you are depressed  or anxious. We will discuss the nature of your problem, and the goals and outcomes you would like to achieve in therapy. I will tell you if you are suffering from a diagnosable condition and what you can expect from therapy. If you feel that I  have a grasp of your problem and you feel that the treatment techniques would help you recover then you can consider making a further appointment.



Is the service confidential ?


Yes, no one will know that you are attending me. GP's are not contacted when you come into therapy and no discharge letters are sent unless you specifically request one to be sent and even then I will request your written consent to do so. The only time I would break confidentiality would be, if I felt you were actively suicidal and where going to harm yourself or that you were going to harm someone else.                                                            




Frequently asked questions

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