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Cbt via telephone and skype

I offer cognitive behavioural therapy also by telephone and by skype in the Uk and Ireland. Skype means that both client and therapist can see  and hear each other via a computer screen. This is useful if a face to face client moves abroad but still wants to tap into therapy. Its also useful for someone living here but works in another country part of the week. It is useful for someone who is restricted and cannot leave the house, for example a disibility or Agoraphobia. All you need is a web cam and a microphone and to download skype unto your computer.  There is no charge for skype to skype calls. You can prepay by paypal/credit card using the buttons below. Contact me by telephone or by email to arrange an appointment.


Telephone cbt will involve sixty minutes per session with the first session being an assessment and subsequent sessions being treatment sessions. Homeworks, handouts and other correspondence can be exchanged by email as with skype. Calls will be paid for by the client. The cost will be £30.00.


Face to face therapy can also be pre-paid by credit card or pay pal and you will receive a reciept/invoice upon payment. This is also useful if someone is paying for therapy for you. Prepay 4 sessions of cbt and get over 10% discount. I also provide Skype and telephone cbt through Bupa private medical insurance





Cbt via Telephone and Skype

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