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Schema Focused Cbt


Schema therapy is an advanced form of cognitive behavioural therapy which was specially formulated for the treatment of chronic, recurring, complex, entrenched, psychological disorders.


The therapy incorporates elements from cognitive-behavioural, attachment, gestalt, object relations, constructivist and psychoanalytic schools into a rich unifying conceptual and treatment model.


Whilst cbt has been successful in treating mild to moderate disorders, schema therapy has been developed to treat resistive conditions and research thus far has shown success in treating personality disorders, chronic anxiety, chronic depression, difficult couples problems and difficulties maintaining satisfying intimate relationships. It can be used as a short, intermediate or long term therapy.




"A schema can be described as - a broad pervasive theme or pattern - developed during childhood or adolescence - elaborated throughout one’s lifetime and - dysfunctional to a significant degree."


Treatment focuses on identifying the maladaptive schema’s and the lack of attachments or indeed the dysfunctional attachments in childhood and adolescence. These deficits will then be linked to present problems encountered in life. The therapist and the client through therapy will attempt to heal the dysfunctional schema’s which will result in less mental health difficulties and a more stable lifestyle.





* Repeated relationship difficulties with spouse, friends, family, work colleagues.


* Mistrust, suspiciousness, paranoia in relationships.


 *Jealousy, possessiveness, difficulty tolerating separations with loved ones.


* Feeling needy, attention seeking behaviour, Repeated feelings of needs not being met.


* Inability to show and communicate feelings.


* Burn out, perfectionism, constantly needing the approval of others, procrastination, persistent fears of failure.


*Lack of self control, discipline, organization, impulsivity, persistent underachieving.


* Persistent low self esteem, poor self image, feeling worthless, inferior to others.


* Chronic lack of confidence, insecurity, persistent feelings of others being better than you


* Fed up meeting everyone else's needs but neglecting your own.


* Feeling dependent on other people, (parents, partner, spouse) You feel like a child in an adult world. You have great difficulty coping with the responsibility of it all. You have little sense of who the real you is and you struggle to have a separate sense of yourself as an independent person


* You are extremely critical of people in your close relationships and at times you will say anything to them, It doesn't  matter how bad, to hurt them, alternatively, you may do the same to yourself being your own worst critic. This undermines your confidence and self esteem and you may be prone to mood swings






      Recommended reading. A selection of self help books with a Schema Therapy Approach.







Schema Focused Cbt Schema's

Schema Therapy - Emotional Problems Treated

Reinventing your life. Self help book based on Schema Therapy. Explains schema's, how they affect your life and how to change them.

Disarming the critical partner. Using a schema therapy approach, understanding and dealing with a critical partner and how to improve your relationship including your self esteem.

Emotional Alchemy: How Your Mind Can Heal Your Heart. A combination of a schema therapy approach and mindfulness meditation.

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Schema Focused Cbt
Schema Focused Cbt
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